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About Us

Founded by Leigh Watson in 2004, Watson Murals was born from her unwavering passion to bring beauty, creativity, and happiness into people's lives. For two decades, we've been a proud platform for talented female artists, creating a presence in Austin's mural community. Leigh and her team are dedicated to inspiring and empowering young women to fearlessly embrace entrepreneurship and creativity.


Our Story

Discovering a puzzle that originates as a mere idea or a splash of color and transforming it into a beautiful and meaningful creation is what truly energizes us. Our relentless passion for freedom and the pursuit of making others happy serves as the driving force that motivates us each day. Established in 2004 by Leigh Watson, Watson Murals has flourished by taking a client's broad concept and crafting it into a piece that intimately resonates with them—whether it's a mural in an office space or a grand showpiece in a venue, captivating thousands of onlookers and inspiring them. What better way to channel our fervor than by leading a company dedicated to bringing beauty, creativity, and joy into people's lives? Leigh and her team aspire to embolden other young women, encouraging them to fearlessly venture into the realm of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Meet The Team

Leigh Watson

Boss Lady

Leigh Watson, originally from Dallas, Texas, pursued her education at the University of Texas in Austin, earning a Bachelor's degree in Creative Advertising with a minor in Business. 

Within the Austin community, Leigh has become a respected figure in the mural scene, playing a role as an original member of the all-women art collective, atxGALS, and participating in the East Austin Studio Tours.


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Devin Watlington

Lead Muralist

Devin Watlington, originally from Mart, Texas, has been a valuable member of our team since 2018. She earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Baylor University. Devin's artistic style is rooted in realism, and she finds great joy in creating lifelike portraits of individuals and their beloved animals. Devin has collaborated with various artists in the community, as well as contributing to projects such as Queer Eye and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


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Devin Watlington, Headshot

Payton LaGrone

Muralist, Social

Payton LaGrone, originally from Dallas, now resides in Austin, Texas, and has been moonlighting since 2015, until finally joining in 2023. She holds a BFA in photography, printmaking, and painting from the University of Texas. Payton specializes in various art forms, focusing on the environmental impact of modernity, particularly how it disrupts and alters the natural world. Her work has been exhibited at ICOSA Collective and the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas at Austin.


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Aerica Raven

Muralist, Designer

Aerica Raven received her degree in Sculptural Fine Arts from Wichita State University. Her background gives her an exceptional eye for designing creatively engaging spaces. Aerica's diverse portfolio is marked by vibrant colors, meticulous linework, and dreamlike environments. Along with her work for residential and business spaces, Aerica's work includes several permanent exhibits in premiere cities such as Houston, Denver, and Austin.


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Renee D'Arienzo

Muralist, Admin

Renee D’Arienzo grew up in Sugar Land, Texas, and has been a part of us since 2012. She majored in Studio Art: Painting at Texas State University. Renee loves working with acrylic or house paint and her favorite style is expressionism. She feels inspired to create work that can speak to people in different ways depending on how they feel.


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Our Clients

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