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What's The Process?

Following your initial contact, Leigh will arrange a meeting at your chosen location to delve into your ideas, inspiration, budget, timeline, and the desired aesthetic you wish to achieve. During this meeting, we'll pinpoint crucial details including size, color scheme, design, and layout, with the possibility of creating on-site sketches to visualize the concept.

Our initial site visit and consultation are complimentary. Depending on the project's scope, we will engage in discussions regarding broad concepts, logistical considerations, budget constraints, and your preferred timeline. Following this, we will outline a deposit requirement for the design phase and the proposed project timeline. Given the diversity of our style and the unique needs of our clients, our process is entirely adaptable to the specific project at hand.

For mural design, we will develop a custom design or curate a collection of images for your approval before commencing work. In the case of canvas art, production takes place in the Watson Murals studio after you endorse the color palette. 

Once we reach a mutual agreement on the design and quoted price, we will request a deposit to cover additional supplies. If a start date has not already been established, we will schedule one accordingly.



How Does Scheduling Work?

Leigh will discuss your plans and give you a tentative start date at the initial consultation to block off time in her calendar. Once the design has been approved and a deposit made, your start date will be set. Leigh prides herself on accurately estimating her labor and finishing projects on time and within budget.

How Long Does a Mural Take?

Depending on the scope of the project, most basic murals take between two to four days to complete, starting on a Monday or Tuesday, ending by Thursday. Of course, larger projects require more days, which will be scheduled during normal business hours, unless otherwise necessary.

Will WM Require a Deposit?

We require a deposit before commencing any substantial design work or booking on the calendar. The exact deposit amount can vary based on the unique characteristics and requirements of each project and client.

What is the Minimum Cost for a Mural or Faux Finish?

Our starting point for pricing is typically at $3,000. We then assess the specific factors, such as surface type, environment, style, and scale, to provide you with a preliminary estimate of your projected bill.

Is the Watson Mural Team Insured?

Absolutely! We have the coverage necessary for our trade to work safely on the smallest residence to the largest commercial site. Will provide sufficient documentation upon request.

Is This Your Entire Portfolio?

Not in the least. We have an extensive portfolio that Leigh will happily share with you if you do not see anything inspiring on the site. Just let us know what you have in mind and chances are we have created it! If not, even better – we love originality.

Does WM Take Credit Card?

Yes, we just ask that clients who prefer to use credit split the transaction fee of 3% (pay extra 1.5%)

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